Twenty-four Pounds of Bullets and Steel is a story of paternal jealousy, murderous family tendencies in the Old West. But it's also a story of failed heroic attempts to stop the cycle  of revenge ending on a note of hope. The setting is gritty, yet strangely romantic, filled with bordellos, gunfighters and vigilante justice.

An old-outlaw and a hanging-judge become sworn enemies for reasons that emerge from their dark pasts, but their children don't share their enmity, and the daughter of each man falls in love with the son of the other. Soon a feud of epic proportions claims the lives of many family members in a tale reminiscent of a Greek or Shakespearian tragedy with broken promises, unfulfilled love and mistaken identities adding to the murder and mayhem. Vengeance comes fast, too fast, before remorse and grief set in and lead to a quest for redemption.

The setting and stage are familiar to those who love early Clint Eastwood, Gary Cooper, or Steve McQueen westerns, but the characters and their plights are ageless.

Come see a true Western tragedy at the Durango Arts Center in late April and early May 2010: John Thomas' Twenty Four Pounds of Bullets and Steel.